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Training. Coaching. Catalysing. Everything to ignite your Sparks!

Work better. Live happier.

Coaching at Sparx Factory is about empowerment. It is a highly effective development process between coach and client which inspires greater satisfaction and engagement, the mastery of new skills, and the achievement of positive outcomes.

All members of our team adhere strictly to the ICF code of ethics and conduct. Confidentiality, integrity, and a platform of trust and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our practice, as well as bringing energy and humour to what can be a journey of rewards and challenges.

Coaching programs at SPARX FACTORY

Individual coaching

For individuals wanting to go "Above and Beyond", to fine tune their skills, reach meaningful goals, rediscover passion and purpose, and improve the "balance" in their lives. Discover

Team coaching

For in-tact and newly created teams wanting to improve performance, identify and realize specific goals, and/or enhance communication and collaboration towards creating a shared team identity (for increased engagement). Discover