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Training. Coaching. Catalysing. Everything to ignite your Sparks!

Why do we have a long list of satisfied corporate and institutional clients?

Because we develop customized programs to accomplish your specific goals.

Our team has been training and coaching for years. After mastering many effective and widely used techniques, they developed Sparx Impact - a method that draws from many sources to adapt the right tools to each unique challenge.

Because we inspire people to learn new skills.

Whether it’s job coaching, management training, company team building or any of our skill development programs, we allow participants to generate options and discover their own solutions within a best-practices framework. Using direct training and experiential learning, they practice and retain new skills.

Taking corporate training to a higher level, our hands-on, individualized approach gives solutions to real world challenges.

Do you want to ignite your personal and professional development?

Training programs at SPARX FACTORY

Sparx your Management of Workflow

Our workplace and workflow are more dynamic and demanding than ever. Gain back control of your digital and physical work flow, and practice effective decision-making to put yourself back in the driver's seat. Discover best-practice solutions tailor-made to your individual needs. Discover

Optimizing your Resources

The "Optimizing your Resources" approach is about identifying what resources we have available to us now, and ensuring they are utilized for our maximum benefit. These resources include information management systems, documents, emails, support staff and the particular ingenious resource of our own professional working style. Discover

Sparx your Management of Time

Say No to say Yes, and overcome the Important vs. Urgent dilemma. Optimize planning tools and resources to support your individual objectives and high-value activities. Discover

Sparx your Outlook - or Lotus Notes, or Gmail

Learn how to "Train" your email management system to perform as your own personal assistant: reminding you of your priorities, organizing your information flow, and maintaining your clear overview. Discover

Sparx your Executive and Assistant Collaboration

Sparx Factory facilitates the two parties in establishing strong relationships to enable great performance. Participants are presented with effective strategies and practical tools to support planning and improve communication for optimal collaboration. Discover

Sparx your Dynamic Office

Flexible working environments are the future for knowledge-workers. Sparx Factory offers practical, hands-on, tips, tricks and strategies to facilitate individual’s and team’s success in the "new way of working". Discover

Sparx your Emotional Intelligence

Sparx Factory training effectively builds EQ skills in individuals and teams. The course provides an opportunity to consider your aptitude to recognize, use, understand and manage emotions in yourself and in others. Discover

Sparx Your Cultural Awareness

In today's multicultural society and increasingly competitive global marketplace, being able to work and communicate effectively across cultures is now a key competency for all managers. Discover

Sparx Your Resilience in the face of Change

Change is all around us, and happening faster than ever. We barely adjust to one new direction, when suddenly another is thrust upon us. It has therefore become crucial to build resilience in the face of change. Discover

Sparx Your Company's Values, Mission and Vision

Without developing its core values, a mission statement as well as a clear vision to assist in developing a strategy, an organization cannot identify, distinguish or explain itself to its employees and customers alike. Discover