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Are you ready for the Dynamic Office?

Posted on March 10, 2016

On March 22nd, Sparx Factory will provide an exciting and stimulating workshop for the members of EUMA (European Management Assistants) Luxembourg at the H�tel Novotel Kirchberg.

Are you ready for the Dynamic Office?

What does the term "Dynamic Office" mean to you?

Here are a few insights: Flexible working environments are the future for knowledge-workers. The transition from "fixed-office" to "any-office" represents a new way of working. Our workplace and workflow are more dynamic and demanding than ever. Information overload is increasing over time, requiring new habits and updated skills to keep-up with evolving tools and technology. Embrace this liberating opportunity to "see with new eyes" your work habits, document management systems, use of virtual technology, and communication channels with colleagues. Sign in for tips, tricks and strategies to facilitate success in the "new way of working".


Catharina Biver has been providing management training and coaching for over 15 years. This experience, coupled with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, is a sure recipe for inspiring you to achieve meaningful goals!