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Training. Coaching. Catalysing. Everything to ignite your Sparks!

Catharina has done management coaching and delivered employee training for 15 years. Her clients have included top banks and institutions including the European Commission. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, Catharina has inspired many people to dare to go above and beyond to achieve meaningful goals.


Indelibly Swedish yet living the life of a fully integrated expat in Luxembourg, Catharina Biver started her professional life in finance and moved into training by chance - and discovered her passion.

What drives Catharina

“I’m curious about how people work, what their true capacity is. Most people have huge, unused potential. I’m passionate about unleashing it, unfolding the knot that keeps them from achieving absolutely all they can.” Passionate about the corporate world, she thrives on a fast pace and loves being with decision makers.

What sparks Catharina

“My family. An evening walk with my dog, time with my horses. It’s funny, given how much I love the corporate world, but I regenerate with animals and in nature. With effective communication, sparks can fly. Bruce Springsteen wrote the perfect lyrics for us: “You can’t start a fire without a spark”. I want to see flames!”

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