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Training. Coaching. Catalysing. Everything to ignite your Sparks!

Ophelie is a trainer and executive coach. As an HR professional, she previously supported and developed people’s growth in multi-cultural and fast changing environments in Luxembourg. As an associate of Sparx Factory, she now invests her energy and creativity accompanying individuals to achieve their goals and reveal their talents through coaching, tailor made training and development centres. She speaks fluent French and English.


Ophelie was born in France, has Italian and Polish roots, and lived in the US. She first studied Economy, Art and Communication in Paris and worked as a Philanthropy officer with top CAC 40 index firms. After a Master degree in Human Resources Management, she worked as an HR professional in Luxembourg within the financial industry.

What drives Ophélie

I am fascinated by the sparkle created through discovery and learning. Deeply humanist, I am convinced that each and everyone has a potential to express. I believe in developing autonomy and confidence by accompanying people in a trustful and positive way to construct the foundation of their success. Sometimes solutions do not stand where we think; being challenged is an adventure that invites us to quit our habits, question our certitudes and abandon our comfort zone.

What sparks Ophélie

I love playing with my two little boys and opening my eyes to share their sense of wonder about the world. Curious, traveling feeds my appetite for discovery. I am always excited to explore new places, new ideas and different ways of thinking.