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Training. Coaching. Catalysing. Everything to ignite your Sparks!

Patricia has been coaching and training for over 6 years. Her previous experience in the high-performance sales and marketing functions of multinational companies has given her direct insight into the challenges professionals face in the results driven corporate world. Her passion now is unlocking a person's potential to meet these challenges by maximizing his or her own performance. Patricia fluently speaks English, French and Spanish.


Spanish-origin, with an international spirit, Patricia currently calls Belgium “home”. With an educational background in Biology and a Masters in Marketing, her earlier career was spent in the multi-national pharmaceutical industry in Marketing and Product Management in both Europe and the US. After a year spent in Copenhagen learning the “hygge” way of life, she returned to Brussels to finally become what she was meant to be: a Trainer and Executive Coach.

What drives Patricia

“Human beings, all of them, and the possibility of supporting them to make their lives better”. She is passionate about inspiring others, unlocking individual’s potential, public-speaking, and continuous learning and development.

What sparks Patricia

“My sons, learning from them, growing with them. Life: living it to it’s full potential and never leaving things that I really want to do, undone. Love, friendship and working with people, always keep me Sparked, and are the greatest rewards.”

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