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Just lucky in life?

Posted on July 03, 2015

One of my clients told me today: “I’m so lucky. I have a great relationship with my wife of 15 years… we’ve had our ups and downs, but who doesn't! I have 2 beautiful children; time with them is precious and so much fun. I enjoy my job - yes, I know - I’ve had to work on it. But I love it now. I’m so lucky Patricia…”

Just lucky in life?
Is he just lucky? I don’t think so. Has he been working on developing his emotional competencies? I know he has. He is just being modest.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves, to manage emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. Research shows that EQ is also strongly linked to successful performance in the workplace. Our ability to think strategically, develop relationships, guide others and motivate our teams depends on how we manage and use our emotions.
"What really matters for success, character, happiness and lifelong achievements is a definite set of emotional skills - your EQ - not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests." --- Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!