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Bagel with Brie please!

Posted on July 03, 2015

Work-related cultural blindness Managers ignoring or minimizing cultural differences in an organization are two strategies that are quite common. These decisions will probably have negative impacts on the company in the long-run. However, managers should not only be aware that cultural diversity does exist, but that it brings potential advantages to the organization.

Bagel with Brie please!
Question for you: What reasons cause managers to stay blind to the effect of cultural diversity?

Looking at cultural synergies
Synergy implies a "new way of thinking". Cultural synergy looks at developing new solutions to problems that influence the cultural differences among all cultures involved while respecting each culture’s distinctiveness. Synergy identifies the salient aspects of the cultural encounter (both positive and negative), but it also addresses how to manage the impacts of diversity, rather than trying to remove or disregard the diversity itself.
Question for you: How would you develop a culturally synergistic solution to a particular diversity problem you currently have in your organization?
Boosting creativity by means of cultural synergy
Cultural creativity concentrates on learning transfer. Managers and employees from one culture can learn from managers and employees from another culture in order to improve their creativity and productivity. Simple, but efficient.
Question for you: how do you presently combine and balance the various cultural ways of working in your organization?
Bagel and Brie
… Work very well together.  I can already think of ten different recipes. Cultural synergies are endless.
Questions for you: what are your bagels and brie cheeses? Are you continuously working on improving your recipes, and inventing new ones?
Bon Appétit!