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5 things you need to do this summer

Posted on July 02, 2015

Oops! Did I forget to mention: 5 things you need to do this summer… at the office. The months of July and August might translate into an opportunity for you to experience a slow day once in a while at the workplace. So catch your breath, and make good use of this time.

5 things you need to do this summer
1. Organize your office space, desk and drawers
Being well organized will give you a sharper overview.  With a clear picture of what you must do, you will act more decisively, more quickly and more accurately. Remember: this is not about filing, but finding. Do not procrastinate and do not blame others… I am watching you! Gain back control of your physical work flow, and practice effective decision-making to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

2. Clear your mind
Clean up your inbox by using a classic management approach known as `Do it now - Delete it - Delegate it - Date it (for you to do later)´. Make the right decisions in order to better control the `electronic flow´ of documents and information. Take a good look at your calendar and start planning again. A few minutes of planning can save hours of doing. I can already hear you breath with satisfaction, now that your mind is free from clutter.

3. Empty your bookshelves
Throw away your old books, catalogues, journals, references, information and documents that have collected dust by now. Catch up on the magazine articles you have been stacking up, read new business books; get involved in digital activities such as webinars and blogs. Replace old information and references with new ones. Summer is the perfect season to spend even more time on personal development and self-improvement.  So make learning opportunities available for yourself!

4. Take longer lunches or coffee breaks
Go to lunch with a co-worker or with one or several team members. The best way to get to know your colleagues better is to spend some time with them… away from the workplace. When in the office, walk around (a little exercise is always good) and spend a few more minutes catching up with colleagues around the watercooler (especially these days!). This time is essential for creating valuable personal and professional connections, as well as for relationship building. And this summer, you have decided that you will find the time.

5. Reclaim your time
Identify your time wasters, unnecessary interruptions, distractions, and say no to low value tasks. Use your new free hours the right way. Take the time to reflect on your overall role and whether you are achieving your larger objectives. Leave the office earlier if you can. Do not stay at the workplace late at night for the sake of the company work culture. I hear you say: “I know, I know” but common sense is not common practice.

Happy summer!
Patricia Quiddington, Sparx Factory US